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Challenge Ranch, Inc.

Helping One Child at a Time       (619) 445-0598


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The continued support of our sponsors allow us to provide support and encouragement to our young 

Challenge Ranch Riders!


Blair Signs

Alex Harrel

Margaret Mellor Trust

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Alina Vale

Bernie Wiess

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Helen Graham

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Ron and Jane


Bill Wood

Deborah Wright

John Tarley

Mr & Mrs. Michael Merckley



Warren Duryea

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Heidi Trowbridge

HiQ, Inc. 

Mr & Mrs.Franceze

Bill & Betty Marckwardt

Steven & Gunilla Pratt

Thank you all for making this truly, 

a home away from home. 

It wouldn't be possible without the support of our donors, sponsors & committed volunteers.

Special Thanks To...

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Winchester Widows 

An active group of women representing Courage & Strength in San Diego that spend countless hours volunteering & fundraising for 

Challenge Ranch

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Victory Consultants, Inc. 

Specializes in getting initiatives on the ballot and has been and continues to be a dedicated sponsor of Challenge Ranch

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Thank you for your support!