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The impact of Equine Assisted Learning can be so profound and far reaching that people who have made little or no progress during countless therapy sessions in conventional therapy will experience life-changing breakthroughs after just one or two Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) sessions.

The way a horse's brain functions impacts their relationship with each other and humans.  

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Our brain consists of three systems- the reptilian brain (instinctual), the mammalian brain (emotional), and the neo-cortex (rational). (Levine, 1997.) 

The brain of a horse is a mammal with the ability to sencse the inner states and motives of other mammals around him. (Amini, Lannon, Lewis, 2001.)



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What this means to us humans is that we are presented with an animal with hyper-vigilance, keen sense of smell and hearing, and focus on the present.  

The horses instincts are on high alert and therefore are aware of their surroundings.  This and their ability to read intent is paramount in their work with humans.  

As animals of prey, the horse will be scanning us to access their safety in our presence. 

Horses are social creatures, surviving as part of a herd.  People, too, need others to thrive.

These are simple ideas.  Horses live in the here and now.  

In traditional therapy you are usually working in the past.  Horses reflect how you live in the world right now.  There is not right or wrong in the Horse Arena, no judgement.  

The horses act as facilitators to the path of self-awareness and discovery.

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Very few situations in life allow us to see ourselves for how we really are.  

This is a great opportunity for people who are feeling "stuck" in their lives get "unstuck".

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The horse's limbic system, which conducts emotionality and the ability to read intent in others, explains how the horse reacts appropriately to ignite an interaction that brings up a person's unresolved issues.  

In the field of equine assisted learning it is often explained how the horse will mirror back to the person whatever the person presents to the horse. 

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