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Challenge Ranch, Inc.

Helping One Child at a Time       (619) 445-0598

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Ron & Jane Tomczak


Ron and Jane founded Challenge Ranch in 1999, when they offered a "ranch day" to a child from the Polinsky Children's Center.  The day was such a success that they reached out to other children's organizations throughout San Diego County and now have over 30 Challenge Ranch Riders.

A Unique Opportunity

All of the great work that is accomplished through Challenge Ranch, Inc. relies upon private donations.  If you know a child or young person who could benefit from our non-profit program, please contact Challenge Ranch for more information.

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There are no impossible dreams, just our limited perception of what's possible.

Cost to Riders

A percentage of our riders attend Challenge Ranch at 


Other riders contribute a monthly donation amount calculated on a case-by-case basis.

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Challenge Ranch is a Listed Better Giving Nonprofit *After review of a very detailed report and analysis of the Ranch and its financials and business plan

Channel 10 News Leadership Award

Wells Fargo Nonprofit of the Month Award 



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"Challenge Ranch BREAKS Track Records in Helping Underprivilged Children" - The Californian

*See Article Here*

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San Diego Magazine


Endurance Rider Magazine

Best of America by Horseback International Newsletter 

The Herald - Dog Show 2014

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Best of America By Horseback Featured Challenge Ranch on their TV Series in 2011

KSON Interview with

Jane Tomczak

"Living Better in

San Diego"

Challenge Ranch. Inc. Board of Directors

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